Saturday, 5 January 2019

Christmas in Room 9

We had a great time in the lead up to Christmas.

Take a look at our Christmas art.

We made a Christmas tree and wreath by cutting out  our handprints from paper We raffled them off and these lucky girls brought them home on the last day!

We painted fir trees

We drew Christmas trees inside a window frame using oil pastels.

During the last week of school we had a tea party. Gogo came to visit! She chatted to us about the letters we wrote to Grandma and also about what we would do over the Christmas holidays. Then we had cupcakes, biscuits and drinks!

On Friday Santa came to visit.

We danced our goodbye to him!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

Happy New Year

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Corkagh Park Walk.

We went on a school walk to Corkagh Park on Friday with first to sixth class  and most of the teachers.We saw a cute little squirrel it was grey.We saw a tiny bunny.We went to the playground.

We had so much fun.
After that we went to the Fairy Woods.
And we collected conkers.

One of the girls fell of the monkey bars.
She hurt her arm.

Written by Nikita, Laura and Weronika.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Green Halloween

Here are some photos from the Green Halloween fashion show.

We enjoyed the fashion show. The costumes were fantastic.

Well done girls!